We know that your dual controls are essential to your work, keeping you and your pupils safe on the road. From your first enquiry to everyday maintenance of your controls, we're here to help.

Our guarantee

All new controls installed by our approved UK installers come with a lifetime guarantee. For more information click below:

Registering your warranty

Useful information

Our inhouse teams, installers and partners are happy to help with any technical issues you face, but at times you may want to just make a slight adjustment yourself at home.

We've included answers to some of these common questions below for your convenience, but if you need any further help then please get in touch.

  • Factsheet

    General information about maintaining and adjusting your dual controls is available here.

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  • Pedal Adjustment

    You can adjust your pedals to your preference for optimum use.

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He-Man Dual Controls


We provide a full installation service at our base in Southampton. Having your controls installed on site means that you can have full confidence that everything has been carried out by experts, as well as being covered by our lifetime guarantee.

If you are not able to travel to us then you can make an appointment with one of our approved agents, ensuring that you receive the same great service. Click here to find an agent near you.

Dual controls can only work as well they have been installed. Unfortunately we do receive reports of poor fittings being carried out, and even used or reconditioned parts being installed into vehicles. For the safety of you, your pupils and everybody on the road, we do not support any use of secondhand parts.

If you do experience any issues with your dual controls then we would always recommend first contacting your installer to discuss the problem directly.

If you are unable to do this then our expert Design team may be able to help over the phone, or we can put you in touch with your local approved agent.

All our controls come with a full year parts warranty, subject to the control being correctly installed into the make and model for which it has been supplied, without any modifications made.

We provide an extended lifetime guarantee on all new dual controls if the installation has been carried out by either He-Man or one of our approved agents. This guarantee is provided for the duration of the time that the controls are installed in the vehicle. No guarantee can be provided for controls which have been removed and subsequently fitted to another car.

All guarantees are dependent upon the dual control being maintained as detailed in the documents provided at the time of installation. and exclude general wear and tear, incorrect installation or factors related to misuse or unreasonable abuse of the equipment. The cables on a cable operated control must be replaced annually for your own safety and to retain and extended warranty on the dual control.

Most of our dual controls are designed to allow for the pedals to be easily detached and this information is included in our factsheet.

There are some controls for which this is not possible, so if this is important to you we recommend checking in advance of booking your installation.

If your pedal/pedals need adjusting then a fine adjustment can be made either up or down.

Instructions for carrying out this adjustment can be found here.

Most services should not require removal, but some part replacements may be difficult to manage without moving the controls.

If you have any questions about work to be carried out then please contact us for further advice.

We do not support or endorse the use of any controls which have already been installed into another vehicle. All of our controls are supplied brand new from our factory, never secondhand.

We can supply replacement cables and springs for your dual controls and may be able to provide other small fixings should they be required.

All of our dual controls carry a batch number, which will be either stamped into or labelled on the brake arm. Please have this ready when you contact us so that we can make sure to source the right part for your controls.

Details of our returns policy can be found here.

Please contact us if you need to return a set of controls so that we can make sure we have all the details necessary to process this for you.